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Deputy Director Kelly Ma Invited to Teach Practical Skills Seminar in Jiangsu Province
date:2014-4-21   Views:1451

(Image courtesy of Nanjing University of Technology)

November 22, 2013

NANJING, JIANGSU: On November 22, the second phase of patent agent practical skills training was conducted at Jiangsu Province's Nanjing University in association with the province's State Intellectual Property Training. Organized by the Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province and All-China Patent Agents Association Designations, Yingke Law firm's Guangzhou IP Department Deputy Director Kelly Ma was invited to teach the training course at this seminar. Her topic was titled "Patent Application Drafting Process." 

The training aimed to improve the practical skills of agents and establish high-quality patent agents. Taught by instructors with extensive experience in training, students learned about the legality of being a patent agent, patent law, and other aspects related to the patent field. This training session utilized case presentations, participant involvement, site reviews, and other instructional methods to gain a better grasp of this very technical law sphere. After the training, participants commented that the course was very helpful to their future career path.

A qualifed patent agent since 2002, Kelly has been involved in the litigation and application of intellectual property patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and has a wealth of practical experience. On top of these acheivements, she became Guangzhou's first practical associate teacher for the China Patent Agents Association of Patent Attorneys to be involved in the revision of SIPO patent agent training materials. She has also conducted similar seminars in both Guangdong and Fujian Province.

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