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Kelly L. MA

Position: Deputy Director of the ______IPIP Department

_______ Patent Attorney

Tel: (86) 020-3768-2180

Office: Guangzhou




Kelly has over a decade of practical experience in all stages of intellectual property protection and litigation. Her expertise includes applications for trademarks, copyrights, and patents, as well as re-examination of patent invalidation, intellectual property infringement litigation, and intellectual property practical training. Other practice areas she is well known for includes:

?Trademark searches and trademark applications in China

?Conducting patent searches and patent monitoring

?Filing patent applications for inventions, utility models, and _designs

?Filing patent re-examinations and invalidation _requirements

?Filing copyright registrations for computer software and _other types of works

?Filing registrations for all types of domain names

?Consulting on intellectual property related matters

Kelly also served as the legal counsel for a number of enterprises, including Guangzhou Zhiyou Patent and Trademark Agency Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Guangxin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd, and Haixin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.


Mandarin, English



Haizhu Venture Journal on Intellectual Property Rights□□


·  Intellectual Property
·  Patent
·  Trademark
·  Copyright
·  Consultation

Deputy Director of the Intellectual Property Legal Affairs Department (Guangzhou)

Practice Training Teacher for Patent Attorneys of All-China Patent Attorneys Association (ACPAA)

LL.B in Law, Sun Yat-Sen University

BS in Chemistry, Shaoguan University

Qualified Patent Agent of PR China

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